Columbia River Basin: Reconciling the Past for Better Future (7 part series)

December 1, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
St Francis of Assisi Church
510 MacKenzie Ave
Revelstoke, BC V0E
Mindy Brugman

Goal: Travel through time from the earliest rocks dating several billion years ago in the Columbia Basin, past multiple ice ages, mountain building, river carving, wildlife, salmon, early man, settlers, dams, Columbia Basin Treaty to the present and the planned future influenced by the Columbia Basin Treaty Renewal which is to be finalized by 2024.
The pastoral letter ( ) given by the Bishops in the Columbia River basin of USA and Canada is our anchor to guide us on our path for learning and reconciliation for environmental, landscape, and human impacts that have harmed the region including the original indigenous people and settlers.. Lecture, Panel, Discussion – and may include food and music too! contact ( or call/text 778 997 0570) (organized with Paul Dansereau) for more info.
Schedule Upper Columbia River in Canada Reconciliation for a Better Future
1. Nov 3. 2017: Paleo Columbia River Basin: (2 billion years ago to 10k yrs ago)
2. (rescheduled) Jan 12: Prehistoric Columbia Basin: (about 10k yrs ago to 1800 AD)
3. Dec 1, 2017: Early Historic Columbia River (1800 – 1930-{1960}AD) Cathy English Presenting on early Settlers near Revelstoke (w/ L Stovel briefly on Indigenous people)
4. Jan 26, 2018: Modern History of Blocking Salmon Migration by Building Dams (1930-1960)
5. Feb 9, 2018: Latest Human history: Dam Building in the Upper Columbia River (1960-2014)
6. Feb 23, 2018: Current Status and the Future (2014-future) Recommendations and Priorities for Reconciliation in the Columbia River Basin and a better Future
7. April 6, 2018 Indigenous People of the Upper Columbia River Basin by Laura Stovel
FREE – all WELCOME if you RSVP we may even have hot soup and food and open the bigger hall.

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