Caribou Recovery Plan – Revelstoke Public Consultation

April 15, 2019 @ 5:30 pm
Revelstoke Snowmobile Club
4177 Westside Rd
Revelstoke, BC, V0E2S0
Revelstoke Snowmobile Club

B.C. and Canada have been developing a bilateral conservation agreement under Section 11 of the Species at Risk Act (referred to as the “Section 11 Agreement”). The draft Section 11 Agreement contains overarching commitments, measures and strategies for the recovery of Southern Mountain Caribou in B.C.

Public consultation is being held in Revelstoke April 15. The location and time has not yet been finalized and released to the public.

As stakeholders in our town you can help protect our local economy and lifestyle. This long-time issue is at a crucial juncture and the threat is immediate. Please join us and take action now.

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